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Market Research & Intelligence for Financial Institutions

Market Research & Intelligence for Financial Institutions

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Welcome to FImetrix

Headquartered in the New York Metropolitan area with a European regional office in Frankfurt, FImetrix consists of fifteen consultants and market research specialists with extensive international banking and market research experience. The goal of FImetrix is to help our banking clients achieve success in the global market-place by understanding their clients, the competitive environment, their strengths and weaknesses in products and relationship management, and future trends. Information is the key in honing and developing strategies to meet these objectives.

Our Pledge

The cornerstone of our surveys is our guarantee of anonymity to the people and institutions that participate. FImetrix abides by the ESOMAR professional code of ethics which prohibits the release of respondent names without prior authorization. Consequently, interviews are strictly confidential and we never reveal the identities of our respondents, or the institutions that they work for.

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